Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry Remotes

Lost your remote? Need an extra? Beverly Westside Lock & Key not only carries awide variety in stock, but can also properly program and match the remote to your vehicle’s security system.

It would be nearly impossible to show you all the remotes we have available on our website. Chances are, though, that we have what you need in stock.

Beverly Westside Lock & Key carries a huge stock of remotes, transponder keys, and all the necessary programming tools for immediate use.

Fobic Keys

High security fobic keys are becoming very common for high-end vehicles. Replacing lost remotes can be a challenge when your dealer is not available.

Beverly Westsite Lock and Key maintains a large variety of stock of fobic keys for emergencies. In addition, we have the proper computer equipment to program replacements to work with your vehicle security system.

Transponder Keys

transponderIf you have a modern car, chances are you have a transponder key. This is an ignition key that contains a specially programmed computer ship that interacts with your vehicle security system.

Most people first find out about this when they have lost a key and gone to their dealership only to see a bill that looks like a small mortgage payment!

Make no mistake, transponder keys are excellent deterents to car theft. Without the properly coded transponder key, your car will simply not start, period. But you’re really stuck if you lose it. It’s even worse after hours or whenever your dealer’ service department is closed.

Beverly Westside Lock & Key carries a huge stock of transponder keys and all the most up-to-date programming equipment to match your replacement or duplicate key to your car.

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